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The availability of open datasets is crucial for the development and training of algorithms and models in the field of soccer analytics. By having access to large, diverse and high-quality datasets, researchers and data scientists can train their models on a wide range of data, which in turn helps to improve their performance and accuracy when applied to other, more restricted or private datasets.

Open datasets allow for the creation of models that can identify patterns, make predictions and uncover insights that would not be possible with limited data. This is particularly important in the field of soccer, where the complexity and variety of the sport can make it difficult to understand and analyze without access to a wide range of data.

Moreover, open datasets also allows for reproducibility and fairness in research, as anyone can access and use the same data to verify or build upon previous work. This is critical for advancing the field of soccer analytics and for developing new applications that can help teams, coaches and fans better understand the game.

In summary, open datasets are essential for the development of accurate and reliable algorithms and models in the field of soccer analytics. They provide a foundation for research and innovation, and can help unlock new insights and understanding of the sport.


Luckily there are some providers kind enough to make parts of their data available for the public.

Event data

Tracking data